Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Biblical diet helps beat Chrons Disease

Chrons disease book the Makers dietA man says by following ancient scriptures it helped him cure serious Chrons Disease.

Jordan Rubin believes that of the thousands of diet books published every year, the oldest is the best. The author who lives in Florida says that by eating "whole, living and nutrient-rich foods" described in the Bible, he beat Chrons disease.

The question must be asked, has Rubin rediscovered a secret overlooked by modern Western medicine? Or is he just using conventional wisdom by staying away from pork, red meat and eating natural foods

About 10 years ago, Rubin was told by doctors that his chrons disease was incurable. But he said that he successfully battled his disease after studying the Bible's "4,000-year-old health plan." He has used those ideas to found Garden of Life Inc., a health compan.

On Sept. 13, he will be giving a lecture titled titled "God Wants You to Be Healthy," at Harbor Light Church, 4760 Thornton Ave., Fremont. For more information, call 510-713-1140 and you can buy tickets online, visit http://www.KFAX.com.

You can also buy his book "The Maker's Diet" online:

Abebooks.com - The Makers Diet

Amazon.co.uk - The makers Diet

This is all the information I could find but it will be interesting to see how this news pans out in the future and if it does indeed help Chrons disease sufferers

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