Friday, 28 September 2007

Chrons disease in children

Managing Chrons disease in Children
In recent times, it has become clear that Chrons disease affects large numbers of children, this is also true for cases of ulcerative colitis. Most diagnosed cases of Crohn's disease are in children and it is not uncommon to see examples of chrons in children as young a 7. It is also thought that about 20% of all cases of Chrons disease affects children under the age of 15.

Nutritional deficiency can be a serious problem for children with Chrons disease and can lead to stunted growth and the childs doctor may recommend nutritional supplements, this is especially true for children whose growth has already been stunted or slowed.

Chrons disease shows no bias towards boys orgirls are equally affected. Children who are born into a family with a history of Chrons disease are far more likely to develop chrons and possibly at an early age.

Apart from the physical difficulties faced by children with chrons disease, tt is also important to remember that children with chrons disease will have to face self image issues at an important time in their development. Chrons will change their routines and may separate them from normal child activities. Therefore, these children need a strong support base from family, friends, and doctors to help them with their social, as well as their physical, growth.

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caity bug! said...

I am only 13 years old and i found out that I had chrons disease.
I found out right after a cheerleading competition,my stomach wouldnt stop herting so i told my mom about it and she took me to the hospital.
They didnt know what i had so they were treating me for all these different things.
They told me they were gonna give me a blood test and then after that they put me in my own speacial room and from there an I.V.
They never gave me the I.V. instead they gave me a gallon of water to drink and 2 little apple juices.

When i went home the hospital told me to talk to my doctor,SO! after my mom got off the phone we went to the doctors and you know what they did?

They put my on prednisone.
My face got very round and i started gaining more wait then i wanted to :[
and i also have to take iron.

Anyway i finally drove 5 hours down to StanFord.
from there so so many blood tests!
Im so use to needles now!
beleive me! lol :]
as i was saying..
i talked with the doctor and they told me to come back in two weeks to get a colonoscopy..
yep thats right im 13 and ive already had one of those!

I have to take meds for the rest of my life just like anyone else with this awful disease

but ive learned to accept it cause its never gonna leave me...

i almost died from it if it wasent for my doctors down in stanford.

I wish everyone with chrons disease to hang in there and to always remember to TAKE YOUR MEDS!!! :]

i am bug and i am 13 years old like ive said twice or three times before :]

ChronsKid23 said...

I am 12 I was diagnosed with Chrons at 10
I all of a sudden had stomach pains that had my screaming and crying all the time.I was in the hospital for 2 weeks then when i got home my home nurse came over and took me back to the that time I hated her for doing that because in the second time period that I went to the hospital I fainted and if she didnt take me back my mom wouldnt have been there to catch me and I couldve hit my head and died. I took Prednisone to and went from 49 lbs to 76 aint that just great !!!!!