Thursday, 27 September 2007

Is Chrons disease different to ulcerative colitis?

Chrons Disease
In one word, yes. Chrons disease is different to ulcerative colitis although they are quite similar and a incorrect diagnosis can often be given.

In what ways is Chrons Disease different to ulcerative colitis?

Crohn's disease usually causes inflammation in your rectum, colon, small intestine and sometines even in your stomach, mouth and esophagus.

Ulcerative colitis causes an inflammation only in the colon (which is called the colitis) and or the rectum.

The inflammation in Chrons disease is also different from ulcerative colitis because except in the very worst examples, the inflammation of ulcerative colitis only seems to affect the superficial layers of the inner lining of the bowel.

The inflammation of Chrons disease tends to be concentrated in some areas more than others and affects layers of the bowel that are deeper than the superficial inner layers. Therefore, the affected areas of the bowel in Chrons disease often has deeper ulcers with normal lining between these ulcers.

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I do OT and have had a few people with this. Best of luck. Prognosis can suck if not careful, and even if you are, but you knew that already.
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