Friday, 7 September 2007

Chrons Disease: Bike Trek to raise funds for Chrons Disease

Chrons Disease Charity Ride Allan and Neil Farimond, a father and son team who aim to tackle the Pyrenees on a gruelling 13-day bike trek and all in aid of the National Association for Colitis and Chrons Disease. This is a charity that is close to their hearts as Neil's son Matthew has Chrons disease as well as many other member sof their extended family.

Allan who is 68 years young has completed the challenge before and is the more experienced of the two. They hope to raise at least £1000 (about US$1900) for the National Association for Colitis and Chrons Disease. (When I looked at their site today they were on £804) Allan goes on to say that "Evidently the more money we can raise, the more worthwhile the venture. A number of our family members are affected by Crohn's and it is a very distressing condition which can go into remission but then suddenly flare up and be very uncomfortable."

Chrons Disease is not that uncommon, yet receives far less publicity than say cancer or heart disease.

For more information and to see how they are getting on with raising funds for Chrons Disease go to their website:

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