Friday, 7 September 2007

Chrons Disease Wont beat me: Alan

For thirty years Alan Cresswell, a barber in Tewkesbury (UK) has been raising money for the research into Chrons Disease after his son aged just three was diagnosed with it and now it turns out that he has Chrons disease aswell.

When he is not at work in his barber shop, Alan works with 13 other people, all nicknamed the Chronies, organising fundraising events and all in the aid of Chrons Research. This all began way back in 1976 when his son Mark, who still suffers from the painful condition, was diagnosed with Chrons disease. Now he too must face this illness as he has now also been diagnosed with Chrons and said that he was awaiting results from a local hospital to determine whether he would need an operation or not.

Alan has been officialy recognised for his fundraising efforts with town council awarded him the Tewkesbury Town Community Service Award for his services to Chrons disease research where he has raised over £200,000 specifically for Chrons disease in children, because they have their whole lives ahead of them."

Three are about one in 1,500 people have Chrons Disease, which affects slightly more women than men and usually strikes between the ages of 15 and 40.

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